Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 ^^,

happy new year....

aim to be able to do the following in 2013:

=> at least 1 success muscle up
=> at least 10 proper handstand push-up
=> at least 1 hold of L-sit for 30 second
=> loss body fat to 15%
=> clear my PTPTN hutang

Monday, April 9, 2012

a happy day....

a day after easter sunday... for sure it is a happy 1, at least, it is for me...

several thing happened, include:

a) i had done my 19th time blood donation ^^, yea yea, is not the number of time i felt grad on, bt is the hope tat each and every single time, might had the chance to help others... i had no money, i m not kind hearted n well socialize to do charity, bt at least, i gt a DROP OF BLOOD to give, so.. Y NOT???

b) 2day is my 1st day of 2nd week during my internship in civic centre, sssc gym. the coordinator of tkd sukma team training had inform me on sum issue occur, and he said: "we just do our job, not need to boder wat other say"... yup, thk fr tat.. ^^

beside, 2 person to be mention here... 1st 1 i knw him n folo him for about 8year, 2nd one i meet her a few time in sssc gym n bout month oli knwing her...

to him, i felt deeply shame on wat had u done, as a person who stand on so high rank above, u did such a silly thing, idiotic, selfish, bt nvm, cos i kinda knw u would do this to me, just tat i dnt espect it to cum so fast....

to her, thank a lot for the trust.. i shall try my best in my task n hope it would at least contribute a little help to u n the team...

Monday, March 12, 2012

too long no update liaw....

had being quite awhile dint update on my progress dy, cos nting much had changed lol.. erm...

yesterday (11 march 2012, sunday), mark the starting of my 31week, with 71.3kg... aim for this week is to up a bit, n will up my daily quota to 1700-2000kcal a day...

today... kick my day with sum simple endurance set for chest n leg... (cos lazy to do heavy weight.. XDDDD again, lazyness WIN)

basically routine for this mrng consist of below:

i) leg exercise (superset, 45-60s rest between superset), 40-50kg weight: 10 set, 20-25 reps
a) seated leg press
b) seated calf raise

ii) chest exercise (superset, 45-60s rest between superset), 5 set, 20 reps
a) barbell bench press (30kg)
b) dumbell bench press (20lb each)

iii) leg exercise (superset, 45-60s rest between superset), 20kg weight: 5 set, 25-30 reps
a) leg extension
b) leg curl
c) calf raise
d) body-weight squat (15 reps, no weight added)

iv) chest + leg superset (45-60s rest between superset), 3 set (1st n 2nd set 20-25 reps, 3rd set to failure)
a) barbell bench press (25 kg)
b) dumbell bench press (15 lb each)
c) cable crossover (25 kg)
d) leg extension (10kg, perform on single leg, n repeat on other)
e) leg curl (10kg, perform on single leg, n repeat on other)
f) calf raise (10kg, perform on single leg, n repeat on other)
g) body-weight squat (12 reps for 1st n 2nd set, 3 set to failure

v) light stretching.

how ur exercise 2day??? hohohoh... let gambateh....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

after the 26th week i sweat in civic center.

erm.. it had being a long long time i dint post about the progress since i last did on few month ago...

thus, as the 26th week (half year) had pass since i join in civic center gym n play sum little freaking light weight training... let revise a bit and hope this post might help motivate me to move on further ^^

let start:

back to about 4year ago, on dec 2007 whn i 1st started to lose sum weight, i look like tis, with 94.6kg.

after 3.5month of kinda hard time, on march 2008, i drop myself to this... with weight at 73kg...

maintaining this for bout 3year.... and on feb 2011, i m at 77kg, which is:

on june 2011, up a bit more to 79kg.. oh shit....

in ogos 2011, start to join in civic center gym with jeremy, and after 26th weeks... i gt bek to 72-73kg.. which look like this...

thus, at the end of this 6month plan.. nting big diff i think....

so, overall, it look sumting like this....


Monday, January 9, 2012

my 18th time....

yesterday just sucked out my dirty blood for my 18th times, during a blood donation campaign held at the hills shopping mall, kuching.

the event start at 930am, so i was planing to wake a bit earlier to get a better number, who knw, i reach thr at 930am, the queue was like hell long n i oly manage to gt number 72.. damn it....

waited bout 2hour, finally done with it...

below r the scene thr...

this is wat i gt from giving out my dirty blood....

a) 1kg vita brown rice
b) 1kg happy rose white rice
c) 500g margarine
d) 1 liter orange juice
e) 1 pack rice cracker
f) 1 can 325ml ice lemon tea
g) 2 small pack indocafe cappucino
h) 5 small pack indocafe coffeemix 3 in 1
i) 2 small pack indocafe white coffee
j) 1 singapore chicken rice kupon worth rm5.00
k) 1 indocafe coffee cup
l) 1 indocare reuseable shopping beg.

bt ho.. compare all, i prefer my 16th time, odo tat tym gt 0 thing.. hahahha... those who had seen my video post lastym sure knw y...

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

2nd Dan grading. (4th Dec 2011)

suppose to attend the 2nd dan grading 1year after i took my 1st dan in May 2004, however, due to several unespected reason, we (me n ameagor) oly had the chance to do it on the pas sunday (4th Dec 2011). delayed for 6.5years...

for me, i think the sch exam is more scary thn this, as whn i about to enter exam hall, unless i m so very confident on the paper, or else i gt the slight feel of wana vomit... ahahhaha.. bt for this grading, the feel dint turn up....

the grading start (our turn start i mean) around 330pm, conducted by mst george yu...

below are the general summary of wat had being done in the grading session:

a) start with several basic movement combination of block-punch-kick (video 1 & 2 below):

b) after a few minute of basic kicking, then we r required to perform sum very simple "1-step sparing" n "self-defense" technique... (video 3)

c) target kicking followed next... consist of basic: turning kick, side kick, back trust, back hook, front kick, n axe kick. (video 4)

d) poomsae cum next... only need to perform 3poomsae nia, taeguek 7, 8 n koryo.

e) free spar, light/none contact, 2round (1st wit ameagor, 2nd wit chee lik. video 5, 6, & 7)

f) 4 direction plank breaking (me n ameagor), side kick 2planks (chee lik). (video 8, 9, & 10)

g) tiles breaking (2 pieces). (video 11 & 12)

clip 1: basic combination...

clip 2: basic combination 2...

clip 3: very basic 1 step spar + self defense

clip 4: target kicking.

clip 5: free spar, 1st round (me n ameagor).

clip 6: free spar, 2nd round (ameagor n jason).

clip 7: free spar, 2nd round (me n chee lik).

clip 8: chee lik side-kick.

clip 9: 4 direction breaking, 1 plank each. 1st try my spear-hand ^^

clip 10: 4 direction breaking, 1 plank each. (ameagor).

clip 11: ameagor tile breaking. (fist)

clip 12: my tile breaking (knife hand)

compare to the state level senior belt upgrading conducted in satok gym, which u can see the syllabus HERE, wat do u think???

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

week 13.....

a short update for my week 13 result... on sunday (13sept 2011) nite after supper, was in the weight of 76.6kg... say bye bye to another 0.8 kg in a week...

bt, seriously, i dnt care much bout the kg actualy, since it is nt wat i aim fr, i aim to change n look diff a bit.... hopefuly if can, get a bit rresult by cny ^^ let wait n see.....

later 9am will fly to KL to take course liaw, never being thr b4, n alone this time, hahaha, hope eveting goes well thn... plz dnt fail in the test.........

17days more... will be the grading date... hope i dnt ambares myself...